Using clampmeter with adapter AC-16

Adapter (electrical connector) AC-16 is designed for plugging into consumer single-phased AC electric network or, to put it simple, into power socket. In fact the device works as a section of an extender in which currents flow to the connected consumers.

What is it for?

This adapter is specially designed for separation of phase and zero of the measured circuit. It is necessary for non-contact measurement of the current flowing in the conductor using ordinary clampmeter. The form of the adapter allows to easily seize the current conductor with practically every existing model of clampmeter.

The design of the adapter provides two ways of measurement:

  • x1 - no amplification - for measuring the actual current in the circuit (region 1 in the figure)
  • x10 - tenfold amplification of the magnetic field generated by the flowing current (region 2 in the figure).

This option is extremely useful for measuring very small currents, as not all the models of clampmeters are sufficiently accurate at short ranges. But in this case it is necessary to take into account the magnetic field error introduced by the amplification.

The adapter also has two separate connection points for safe voltage measurement with two "banana" plugs (region 3 in the figure). This feature is useful for simultaneous measurement of voltage and current in the circuit. So, it is possible to estimate voltage drawdown after connecting another consumer, the total strength of the current consumed by multiple devices, to measure the actual power consumption. Measurement of full, active and reactive power consumed by the network is the exact purpose of UTB 3232 clampmeter. 

Adapter AC-16 will signifiantly simplify work with any clampmeter and expand its functionality, allowing you to take measurements in the situations it has been unavailable before.

We recommend combine the given adapter with the following models of clampmeters: