We provide all products with warranty and out-of-warranty service in laboratories of Verification, Calibration and Service Centre of Measuring Means "Calibron".

Company "Calibron" is accredited for:

- verification of measuring instruments of the electric quantity
• a.c. and d.c. ammeters and voltmeters, including digital one,
• electric clamps,
• ohmmeters, including digital one,
• electric capacity meters,
• frequency meters, etc

- verification of heat engineering quantity meters
• blast-meters
• pressure gauges
• electrocontact manometers
• indicating manometers and vacuum gauges

- verification of measuring tools
• measuring tables and stands
• vernier calipers
• tooth calipers
• height and marking gauges
• depth gauges, depth micrometers
• internal calipers
• thickness gauges
• internal micrometers
• micrometers
• snap meters
• snap micrometers and passameters
• indicators and test indicators
• bevel protractors and protractors
• squares

Specialists of "Calibron" realize quick, high quality and professional repairs and verification of your measuring means.

Company plans to obtain accreditation for the repairs and verification of other measuring means.

In 2009 "Calibron" is qualified to obtain accreditation for repairs and verification of:
• oscillographs
• low-frequency signal generators
• power supplies

Pribortorg Co., Ltd recommends you Verification, Calibration and Service Centre of Measuring Means "Calibron" as its good and safe partner.

Verification, Calibration and Service Centre of Measuring Means "Calibron"
Republic of Belarus
220024 Minsk
709-20/2 Stebeneva Str.
Tel./fax. +375-17-372 00 00, +375-17-201 93 63, +375-17-3 102 116, +375-17-3 102 119
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