6 new models of power quality analyzers have been added to the State Register.

A popular PQM series of the Polish manufacturer has 6 new devices. All the analyzers are certified and available with verification.

New series of PQM electricity analyzers have been recently added to the Stage Register of Measuring Instruments of Belarus.

Анализатор параметров качества электрической энергии

New power quality analyzers produced by Sonel have been added to the Stage Register of Measuring Instruments of Belarus.

The certified line of PQM analyzers includes 9 models. 3 devices (PQM 701/701Z/701Zr) have been known at the Belarusian market since November 28, 2013. In March 2017 6 more devices have been added to the State Register: analyzers of parameters of electricity PQM 700, PQM 707, PQM 702, PQM 703,PQM 710,PQM 711. The instruments have different functionality: there are highly accurate models with extended possibilities as well as more simple and therefore more affordable models.

All the certified PQM analyzers meet the requirements of the State Standard 32144-2013 and are supplied with software in Russian language that allows to quickly make settings and analyze data.

The detailed review of the line is available by the link.

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