Certification of new thermohygrometer produced by UNI-T

We've started the process of certification of a new thermohygrometer! The instrument has an extended temperature measurement range, data storage and PC connectivity.

Certification of a new thermohygrometer ZEN-TH-1 by UNI-T has begun!

Thermohygrometer ZEN-TH-1 is designed for measuring temperature and relative humidity. Thermal range from  20°C below zero to 60°C above zero allows to use the device in the frost and outdoor, which is an advantage over some competitors. Ability to store data in the instrument's memory and PC connection bring measurement to a new level.

Thermohygrometer ZEN-TH-1 can be programmed to automatically carry out measurement and store data in memory. This allows to trace the dynamics of temperature and humidity during certain periods of time.

Thus, thermohygrometer ZEN-TH-1 is a reliable and handy instrument that can be used in housing, building and sanitation.

Термогигрометр ZEN-TH-1

Let us view the characteristics of the instrument in detail.

The resolution is 0.1 °C and 0.1% in the temperature range from -20 to +60 °C and humidity range from 0 to 100% accordingly.

Additional functions:

  • Indication of dew point (calculation and indication of temperature of dew point depending on measured relative humidity);
  • blacklight;
  • data hold;
  • indication of minimum and maximum values;
  • indication of temperature in °C or °F;
  • adjustable sleep mode (it is possible to set a time period after which the instrument enters sleep mode);
  • error correction by shigt;
  • connection to PC via USB;
  • built-in clock for time set up;


Employees of the specified laboratory noted high accuracy and design quality of thermohygrometer ZEN-TH-1. The instrument successfully passed all the preliminary tests. For 8 years of cooperation with Uni-Trend Technology Limited our company notes stability of quality and reliability of UNI-T measuring instruments.

Soon we expect thermohygrometer ZEN-TH-1 to be included into the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus. After that our clients will be able to purchase this instrument for use in legal metrology.