We've started the certification of a new pyrometer produced by UNI-T!

New pyrometer ZEN-T20-400-1 is available for purchase: Affordable model, characterized by high reliability. It is optimally suitable for solving most tasks in everyday life, construction and industry.

We've started the certification of new ZEN-T20-400-1 pyrometer produced by UNI-T!

Our company is constantly working to expand the range of measuring instruments included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments so that our customers can use modern and reliable equipment. That is why we have started the certification of one more instrument produced by UNI-T - the pyrometer ZEN-T20-400-1!

Specifications of ZEN-T20-400-1 pyrometer

Пирометр ZEN-T20-400-1
  • The instrument is a non-contact infrared thermometer with low level of energy consumption that allows to use power sources for a longer period of time.
  • The range of measurable temperature - from -20 t0 + 400 °C - determines the use of the meter in various areas.
  • The settings of the radiation coefficient in the range from 0.1 to 1 allow to increase the accuracy and to measure even shiny surfaces.
  • The laser pointer allows to determine the measurement surface with high accuracy.

These characteristics together with the high reliability of UNI-T instruments make the ZEN-T20-400-1 pyrometer ideal for use in industry, utilities, construction and in all cases where precise and fast non-contact surface temperature measurements are required.

Пирометр ZEN-T20-400-1

Additional functions of the pyrometer (infrared thermometer) ZEN-T20-400-1

  • switchable blacklight,
  • switchable laser pointer,
  • indication of minimum and maximum values,
  • temperature indication in °C or °F,
  • distance to surface ratio: the diameter of the measuring spot is D: S = 12: 1,
  • low battery indicator,
  • constant scan mode,
  • sound signaling of the established maximum and minimum limit values,
  • response time 0.25 s,
  • data hold.


The planned time for the application of the ZEN-T20-400-1 pyrometer to the Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus is April 2017, after which our customers will be able to purchase this device for use in the field of legal metrology.

On all questions about the new model of  ZEN-T20-400-1 pyrometer contact the sales department or leave a request for a free call.