13 new multimeters included to the State Register of the Republic of Belarus

A series of certified ZEN multimeters by UNI-T is now included to the State Register and available for purchase with verification.

13 models of ZEN multimetes produced by UNI-T have been included to the State Register.

Мультиметры серии ZEN внесены в Госреестр

Since February 28, 2017 13 new multimeters of ZEN series produced by UNI-Trend Technology (China) Limited have been added to the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus. The line of instruments is the continuation of UTB series of digital multimeters that has additional functions and measuring parameters. You can view the multimeters of  ZEN series in detail by the link.

Pribortorg Co Ltd. is an exclusive agent of the manufacturer of ZEN series - UNI-Trend Technology (China) Limited. Concerning the purchase of multimeters from UNI-T contact us in any way convenient for you!